The Wellness Centre was founded by Lee Avery in April 2017 in Bracknell and has now expanded to Finchampstead.

The Body wants to heal itself and given the correct tools it will.

I have been treating for over thirteen years as a Bowen and Talking therapies therapist and this has led me to meet all different ages of people with many varying conditions. It also became very apparent early on that that “as every person is unique and every condition and their response to their condition is individual” no one therapy is going to be suitable for everyone to achieve their best health.

With this in mind my passion was to have a centre where people can come to, to get advice and achieve a total sense of well-being. This may be through Bowen, but could equally be nutrition, reiki, counselling, psychotherapy, reflexology, homeopathy, yoga, or exercise. What we put in our bodies is so important, but if we have problems with walking because our feet hurt again, we will not be feeling well. I also wanted to offer alternatives to conventional medicine and although we would never change, alter, or prescribe medication, Homeopathy can certainly help with certain conditions without the nasty side-effects of some prescription medicines. Not to forget the lack of movement that affects many people now or on the other extreme, those that over train in their sport, Yoga has been shown to help to achieve balance in life.

It was all very well having this passion, but it was imperative that the therapists that came to the centre were happy to work alongside each other and cross refer to ensure the client receives the best possible care and attention.
“Each person is unique and therefore each and every one of us needs an individual approach”. The Wellness Centre prides itself on the quality of the therapists who work together to achieve the optimum well-being for each person that comes to see us.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as

“The state of complete physical, mental and social-well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.



The Grange Centre
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